Whipped Mars Buttercream

So this stuff is goooooood!!!!! Really flipping good!!! My Sister-in-law was telling me about her wedding cake that had mars bars in the batter! I tried to make my own version & it completely sank – literally. So for my birthday last weekend, I made a dense fudgy chocolate cake & then created this whipped mars bar buttercream to form a lush drip cake. There were 3 cakes to choose from and this one literally disappeared straight away – clearly the favourite! And even those who don’t like chocolate cake enjoyed it! 

I think I got about 40 portions from this cake overall which used 4 layers of chocolate fudge sponge, filled & covered in this whipped mars buttercream. This was then topped with a chocolate ganache & piled high with various chocolate & fudge & popcorn treats! I would have liked to have spent more time on the presentation but with several cakes to work on it wasn’t as possible – but it still tastes awesome. 

So… I don’t like to reveal my recipes but I feel it’s only fair the rest of the world has the opportunity to try this lush buttercream! Here we go…


  1. 130 grams double cream 
  2. 280 grams chopped up mars bars 
  3. 350g butter (mix of salted & unsalted)
  4. 780g icing sugar
  5. 100ml milk
  6. Vanilla extract 

You will need a mixer, and 2 bowls. I used my metal bowl for the ganache & the glass bowl for the buttercream. 

​​First make the ganache 

Combine the cream & mars bars over a pan of simmering water until combined & all the mars nougat is melted. Leave to cool down a bit. You can also do this in the microwave, blast for a minute at a time & stir, & repeat until it has all combined.

​​Now the buttercream base

Combine all of the butter & half of the sugar and use the beater attachment on a slow/medium speed or you’ll end up in a mushroom cloud of icing sugar. When it has all come together, add in the last of the sugar and mix again. This whole thing is sooooo messy but totally worth it! I advise using all methods of icing sugar limitation – I opt for tucking a tea towel into the top of the mixer because the Kitchenaid guard is crap & it goes EVERYWHERE. 

​​​Then add in your vanilla extract – I’m rather liberal with this as I can’t get enough vanilla! And add a third of your milk. If the buttercream is struggling to move around the bowl then add a bit more milk letting it combine until it moves more freely. You don’t wanna put too much milk in because won’t be stable enough for the ganache. Once it has all combined, leave the buttercream to beat on medium/high for 5 minutes. It will become lighter & whiter in colour. This is my standard buttercream recipe and a base for any tasty extras! 

It should look like this…

Back to the ganache 

Now you need to whisk up your ganache to bring it to room temperature. Use the whisk attachment and start slow, building up to fast. As it cools it will form a thick caramel chocolate fudge sauce and look a bit like this… 

Don’t worry that it hasn’t formed stiff peaks – it just needs to be cool & thick like melting toffee! 


This is is where it all comes together & the washing up will be totally worth it! 

Switch back over to the bowl of buttercream with your paddle attachment on slow. Gradually pour/spoon/slow drip the mars bar mix into it.

Let it all combine on slow. (This will soften the buttercream considerably but it should be firm enough and will firm up more when you put it back in the fridge later.) You want the combined buttercream & ganache to get to a lovely thick spreading consistency – a bit like thick clotted cream or spreading cream cheese on a cracker. Any softer than this, add in more icing sugar 1/2 a cup at a time until it’s at your desired consistency. 
It will tinge beige because of the chocolate & look a bit like this… 

The end result is such a warm, rich & yet subtley sweet buttercream. It works really well if you don’t want a chocolate filling for your chocolate cake, but you want something a bit more interesting than vanilla. 

If you end up making it, please let me know the end result! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (it’s all gone now 😂) 




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